NavCom Inspection & Consultancy B.V.

Was established on the 4th of August 2000 as an independent organisation for the survey and inspection of Marine Navigation and Communication Equipment without Sales and Service activities to facilitate an unprejudiced inspection.

ITS MISSION is to enhance the Safety Of Lifes At Sea by means of independent Surveys, Inspections, Advice and Training according to the regulations and incorporating the requirements of the users and owners of the equipment.

ITS GOAL is to assist owners/operators of Vessels in minimizing the cost of ownership by a thorough inspection of the complete system followed by comprehensive reporting to them.
By means of our extensive and well documented database we are able to determine which items are required by the regulations to be inspected.

The aim of NavCom is to provide technical and operational advice to improve the operational value of the equipment onboard and to reduce unplanned maintenance to a minimum.


Radio Surveys and VDR inspections are performed according to an "All Inclusive" tariff structure for all ports in The Netherlands and Belgium.
All Radio Surveys and VDR inspections are offered including travel time, kilometers, ISPS and administration cost.